2013-2014 / UNFOLD CD and Tour

EDU FALASCHI for Metal Mania (Slovakia, English version)
EDU FALASCHI for Dead Rhetoric (English)
EDU FALASCHI for Queens of Steel (English)
EDU FALASCHI for Rockenportada (Spanish)
EDU FALASCHI for Rock en Paraguay (Spanish)
EDU FALASCHI for Metalegun (Spanish)
EDU FALASCHI, interview for Metal Temple
EDU FALASCHI for El Cuartel Del Metal (Spanish)
EDU FALASCHI, interview for La Estadea (Spain), September 2013 (in Spanish)
EDU FALASCHI, interview for Heavy Metal Essence (Italy), September 2013 (in Italian)

Album reviews:
Metal Temple 10/10

2011-2012 / Motion CD and Tour

EDU FALASCHI, interview for Headbanger.ru (RUS), May (English)
GUSTAVO DI PADUA, interview for the official ALMAh website, August (English)
EDU FALASCHI, interview for Rushonrock (UK), September (English)
EDU FALASCHI, interview for Ice Vajal Webzine (English)
EDU FALASCHI, interview for Taipei Metal (English)
EDU FALASCHI, interview for Mayfair Mall Zine (English)
MARCELO BARBOSA, interview for Metal Kaoz Webzine (Greece, in English)

MARCELO BARBOSA, interview for Metalzone Webzine (Greece)
MARCELO BARBOSA, interview for Rock Overdose Webzine (in English and Greek)
FELIPE ANDREOLI, interview for Darkside Ezine (Russia, in English)
FELIPE ANDREOLI, interview for Metal To Infinity Webzine (Belgium)
FELIPE ANDREOLI, interview for Rock Realms Webzine (UK)
FELIPE ANDREOLI & MARCELO BARBOSA, interview for Rocknlive France (English, video)
EDU FALASCHI, Interview for Latin Metal Webzine (Spanish)
FELIPE ANDREOLI & MARCELO BARBOSA, interview for Metal Sickness Webzine (French)
FELIPE ANDREOLI & MARCELO BARBOSA, interview for Metal Sickness Webzine (English, video)
EDU FALASCHI, interview for Japanese journalists (English, video)
FELIPE ANDREOLI, interview for Japanese journalists (English, video)
EDU FALASCHI about Motion in the interview to Brazilian radio English)
EDU FALASCHI, interview for Stormbringer webzine Austria (German)
EDU FALASCHI, interview for Music Waves webzine France (in French)
FELIPE ANDREOLI, interview for Metalchroniques Webzine France(in French)
FELIPE ANDREOLI, interview for La Grosse Radio Metal (French)
ALMAh and Marcelo BARBOSA in November’s issue of YOUNG GUITAR magazine (Japan)/Scan
ALMAh and EDU FALASCHI in December’s issue of BURRN! magazine (Japan)/Scan

Album reviews

Metal Rules (Rating: 4.0/5)
RockRealms (UK)
Metalzone (Greece)75%
MTUK Metal Zine
MetalKaoz Webzine 8/10
Lords Of Metal Webzine 90/100
Ice Vajal Webzine 9/10
Rock Pages Greece
Power Of Metal.Dk 92/100
Rush On Rock 7/10
MetalCry (Spanish) 8/10
La Grosse Metal Radio (French) 9/10
PowerMetal.de 7.5/10 (German)
PowerMetal.it 8/10 (Italian)
Terrorverlag (German)
Sleaze-Metal (German) 9/10
XXL-Rock (German)
Metalchroniques (French) 8,5/10
Heavy Law (French) 8/10
Music Waves (French) 8/10
Hard Rock (Hungary)

Other materials

Advertisement in September’s issue of Guitar Player magazine


EDU FALASCHI, interview for Rio Metal Blog, October
MARCELO BARBOSA, HardBlast Webzine Interview

2008 / Fragile Equality CD:

EDU FALASCHI, DarksideEzine Interview
EDU FALASCHI, Metal Temple Webzine Interview
EDU FALASCHI, Power Of Metal Community Interview
MARCELO BARBOSA, PAULO SCHROEBER, Cover Guitarra magazine (Brazil),
English translation of the interview

Spirit Of Metal Interview

EDU FALASCHI, Friday13 Webzine Interview
EDU FALASCHI, Lords Of Metal Webzine Interview
EDU FALASCHI, MARCELO BARBOSA, Terroraizer magazine (Ukraine) interview

2007 / Almah CD:

EDU FALASCHI, Interview for the users of Almah Myspace
EDU FALASCHI, Interview for DarkSide Ezine (Russia)
EDU FALASCHI, Metal Mayhem UK Interview